Welcome to Quilt with Molly

everlasting-bouquet-thmEverlasting BouquetIn 1999, I first discovered quilts and quilting while attending a small guild show in Tehachapi, California. That was the moment I fell in love with quilting!

I was amazed at the variety of patterns and designs and intrigued by the use of fabric, color and geometric shapes. I especially liked the appliquéd quilts. We had nothing like this in China! When I was there the quilts were essentially embroidered silk and were very different. I knew immediately that this was the creative outlet for which I had been looking.

After learning the basic skills of quilting, I found that making quilts by following a pattern was not satisfying to me and I realized it was important to use my Chinese heritage to design my own quilts. Chinese art involves many bright colors and I discovered that the black edging of the stained glass technique, which I now use, helps separate these colors and allows each color to stand out individually and not clash with other colors.

Making quilts for me is relaxing, exciting and creative all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if I’m making a show piece quilt, one for a children’s or veterans hospital, or for friends and relatives, a piece of my heart goes into every one. I love it so much, as I hope you do, that my wish is to continue quilting as long as I am physically able to do it. In the meantime I continue to design and make quilts while, at the same time, giving trunk shows and conducting classes.

I hope you enjoy my quilts and thank you for visiting my web site.