About Molly

Molly Hamilton-McNallyMolly Hamilton-McNallyMolly was born, raised and educated in Beijing, China. After graduating from college in China she worked for a Chinese company as a financial consultant. In 1983 she went to Japan and studied Japanese for nearly three years before moving to the U.S. in 1989.

After her late husband passed away in 2000, and looking for a hobby to occupy her time, and to help in the healing process, she started to study the art of quilting.

Then, to support herself financially, she began offering machine quilting services to members of the local community while, at the same time, she designed and made quilts incorporating the reverse stained-glass appliqué technique which she prefers. She has always enjoyed art and this is reflected in her quilt designs which are influenced by her eastern background.

Her quilts have been awarded prizes in Houston, Paducah and many international shows. She has written, and had published, an article at the request of the AQS magazine and the $100,000 Challenge magazine.

Pictures of several of her quilts have been published in books and one of her recent quilts (made in conjunction with Cindy Seitz-Krug) is included in the 2013 IQA calendar.

Molly now conducts classes on various quilting techniques, gives trunk shows, and continues to design and make quilts.

Molly, who has remarried, is enjoying life with her new husband and two dogs. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, her gardening and nature in general.